Wednesday, December 9

My blog has moved... I'd love you to join me.

JOIN ME! (Said like Alan partridge in the Day Today)

I have transferred a lot of the posts from here, so they will not be lost. Just in case you cared.

Anyways, see you there!

Jesus didn't die for you, he died for us

Tuesday, October 6

I generally don't hold much weight to the significance of coincidences. I don't think they are a great way to discern God's plan for your life or anything. But they do make me go 'hmm...' With mild curiosity sometimes. Like here for example:

Baptised by John

Monday, September 14

Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Truly God and Truly Man. This Same Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan by John the Baptist. So Lets look a little deeper and enjoy it.

The Theology of Shine Jesus Shine

Wednesday, July 22

I like singing Shine Jesus Shine.

There, I said it.

In addition to having a refreshingly trinitarian chorus, it also compresses a lot of theological reflections on the theme of light into 3 small verses. Not with a lot of precision, it must be said, more of a shower-spray of Bible references. But add to it that classy retro-pop-eighties-kitsch thing and you got yourself a good song!

The Smell of Death

Tuesday, January 28

It was a while ago now that Ben Myers made youtube videos of his lectures on the Apostle's Creed. They are very good though. He is very easy to listen to, and litters his talks with fascinating glimpses of early church beliefs and practices.